Many times ( including this very moment I write this post) , I sit and wonder , ” what is my vision of a healthy lifestyle” , ” what is it I really want in life”?

These are all questions I battle with on a consistent basis! I’ve come to realize that this is a normal battle if I learn to accept what I cannot change and listen to my HEART for the things I can. We are constantly being tested, but does that mean take the easy way out ?

Not for me. I’m fighting , I’m listening, I’m praying for a better life !

Today I sit here with a life full of blessings , several options of “prospective callings”. I say “prospective callings” because I have not yet discovered the #1 “calling” for myself.

I know I want to inspire others in a special way. A way that allows people to beleive that they can do whatever they dream of doing.I want to express to others that I followed my dreams , that I worked hard and accomplished whatever it is I pursued. I want people to believe it can be do for themselves.

Do I do it through –

1.) My journey to play Professional Basketball – a sport that has been my backbone , has defined the person I am today. Basketball is something that is hard to let go for reasons that only myself knows…

2.)A Business Owner-There are several business opportunities available to me, a couple which im involved in right now,  and Primarily ,the business my parents have started, allowing me to manage and operate things as the OWNER.

I’ve tried to let basketball go , but deep down inside, I  can’t accept the fact that I am ending that journey now- it’s to soon . I’ve tried to take a break from seeking business opportunities and just focus on basketball , but again , it doesn’t feel right.

Many might read this and say I must make a decision on what I want to do – I can’t have both.But Why? It doesn’t make sense to me, at least for right now.

It might be true, I might have to make a decision sooner or later, but is this the right time?

I don’t feel like it is, Im SEARCHING FOR A BETTER LIFE- so im shifting gears and going all out. I’m getting out of my confort zone and working hard to be successful in both opportunities.

How will this end? I have no clue! Is this a good descion? Yes, because if it’s not , the experience will provide me opportunity to grow!

That’s life and i’m living it to the fullest…

Follow your heart and let everything fall in place after that.

This is the position I sit in right now –

A better life for me , is a life when you have mastered your mindset to make the decisions that will keep you at peace.

A better life is one that you live from the heart.

A better life is a life that inspires others to live.

A better life is never clear.

A better life forces you to open up your heart and listen.

These are all what i’m pursuing. I want this better life “upgrade”.

From this day forward , I have made the decision to do whatever it takes to listen to my inner calling. Do whatever it takes to make a decision and follow through with it. Hopefully, by these actions, I will find my calling.

I love life , and working extremely hard to understand it.