Developing a healthy lifestyle is am important goal for you to make.It is definitely worth the effort organizing your life for the better. In most cases starting with a cleanse or increasing your nutrition intake may be the best place to start. I have listed 5 of the most valuable tips you can use to create a lifestyle full of excitement. 

1.) Allowing Your Schedule to Control You!

Okay, so you have a set schedule. Your required to be at work at specific times and you can’t do anything about it. Forget trying to spend anytime in the mornings preparing yourself for the day ahead. Wake up and rush to work. Avoid eating lunch , make sure you are spending every hour on the clock at work. When you get home don’t worry about the kids, your laundry, or any of your favorite shows – JUST GO TO SLEEP AND FOCUS ON DOING IT AGAIN TOMORROW.

Tip # 1 – Even though your currently involved  with some type of schedule, work, school,  or any type of active lifestyle , Do your best and eliminate all activities that have no effect on your day. You will be able to see better results during your day if you would become the master of your schedule. Wake up a little early or go to sleep a little later in order to take care of business that helps create a better you.

2.) All You Can Eat Diet!

It’s normal for you to eat junk food and drink alcohol on a consistent basis. There is no point to watch what you eat because you are too busy anyways.

Tip #2 – Every morning should start off with a glass of water and a daily vitamin. Yes, you hear it all the time,but its very true. Focusing on what  you should eat can be very essential to being healthy. You would want to make sure you are receiving the right amount of nutrients and vitamins to keep you energized and living happy. If you are eating a poor diet then you are causing damage to your body.

3.) Being An Every Day Couch Potato !

Is it really worth the effort? You have been working all day, you have to get up in the morning to work! You rather relax and rest your body because you feel as if your getting enough of a “workout”  throughout your day! Your comfortable and don’t have the energy to do extra work.

Tip #3 – One of the most important habits you could develop is exercise. Increasing your heart rate at least once a day will make major improvements in your lifestyle . No one is asking you to go out and accumulate all this exercise equipment or memberships at local gyms. Go for a walk or a run, play a specific sport, do some body weight exercises. As long as you are increasing you heart rate daily you are putting yourself in a better position to live a healthier lifestyle.

4.) Stay Busy, Busy, Busy!

You have so many opportunities to make the money you need and your going for it all. There is no time to relax, no time for vacation, no time for family.

 Tip # 4– its okay to take a break! it’s not just something you do once in a while, the average person needs breaks all the time. Take a weekend off or possibly a week. If thats too much time at least find some days where you could get away from your normal routine.

5.) No Excitement In Life!

You’ve been going through the motions in life, there is energy in your lifestyle anymore because your constantly working and busy. The only thing exciting about life is having a good nights rest and that rarely happens.

 Tip#5– Too much stress can kill you. You must find ways to laugh and be happy. All work and no play can take out the energy needed to enjoy yourself. Find out what will make you smile , how you could treat yourself and go for that adventure.