Have you ever wondered why some people tend to get everything they want , the wealth, the happiness,etc? Have you ever wondered why we have good days and bad days, while others seem to have their best days every day? Have you ever just wondered why sometimes you  received exactly what you didn’t want, while your friend received everything they wanted?

I am a firm believer that, if we take the time to understand our own thoughts and understand how they work, we will eventually see that we literally attract what we think about, if done correctly. When I used to hear about this concept , I couldn’t understand it’s purpose. It sounded interesting, but it didn’t click to me.

I never took the time to understand or even consider the idea of “attracting” my own thoughts, I just lived, pretty much unconscious of my behaviors in life.

It was when I watched a documentary called ” The Secret”, you know, the movie/ documentary with Bob Proctor, that teaches the Law Of Attraction. “Our Thoughts Become Things”.

Everything  started making sense to me and I started developing practices to attract this positivity into my life.

I would meditate daily (some people call it “pondering” ) on ideas and things that I wanted in my life. I literally forced myself to think great thoughts.

On the other hand, I was thinking about what I didn’t want as well. I knew what I wanted and created positive thoughts for them , but that led me to also see what I didnt want and guess what thoughts came out of that…..

Well recently I watch a video on youtube that served as an “ah ha” moment for me.

The lady ( who is the wife of one of my mentors) is a lifestyle design coach for yogis,  coaches , and healers. She teachers these individuals how to live an abundant lifestyle while still mainating their desired practices.

Anyway, in her video she mentioned the law of attraction and was expalining the theory of attracting what we think about.

Everything sounded like ” The Secret” , until she stated this:

” Many times when we think about what we want, all our focus and attention starts to go in the direction of what we DONT want, causing us to think negative thoughts instead…”

The law of attraction works in three ways :

1.) what we think

2.) what we say

3.) what we do

So when we see or feel something we want and focus our attention towards the things we dont want , we are turning all those positive thoughts right back into negative thoughts , attracting everything we didn’t want in the first place.

The process should go like this: When we see or feel something we want and then happen to come across what we don’t want, instead of thinking thoughts like ” ugh why ” or ” I hate this” , simply be thankful for the CONTRAST of understanding the situation , which should cause you to focus your attention back towards what you do want with a greater reason why you want it.

When that is done , and then you plan the right actions to receive the results, thats when we just sit back and watch the Law of Atrraction go to work.