I first heard about this particular article during a conference. It was presented to me as a ” must read” article, especially for individuals looking at committing themselves to living a virtuous life.

This devotional sounded interesting and I took some time to “google it”.

When I pulled the article up , it seemed pretty long, which kind of turned me off to reading it.

(I mean, what more can an individual have to say about EXCELLENCE, right?)

After reading the first few paragraphs in this lecture, I acquired this great feeling in my body, a feeling of assurance.My whole entire worldview of life and the purpose of why i am living completely shifted from being a little unsure, to definite.

I have a definite purpose in life that only I can understand, and you have one that nobody can understand except yourself.

I now know that my mission is to serve as a stewardship of influence, by living a virtuous life, the best I can. There is no destination in life! There is no “winning” nor “losing”! The sky is TRULY the limit , all you have to do is figure out how high that is.

My hope is that you take the time to find out what that is.

Click the link below and spend some time digesting the wisdom shared in this writing:

McKay lecturer urges a broader pursuit of excellence.