Character maturation aka personal development is a huge topic of mine. If it was up to me, I would make this subject mandatory in the academic world. I just feel like, if you take the time to understand who you truly are, life will unfold in the most meaningful ways possible.

I’m constantly thinking and making decisions based off of my thoughts. I realized that, if I start recording my thoughts and making efforts to review what I wrote, I will better understand myself.

I began writing in my journal a few years ago, but I was very inconsistent. I was just recording my thoughts because I didn’t have anyone I wanted to share them with, but they were just piling up and I never saw the importance of reading over them. It wasn’t until last year, when I happened to come across an audio recording by a famous, but very legendary business man, Jim Rohn, and listened to how strongly he valued the importance of actually taking time out to study it what we record.

“The real benefit isn’t in writing in your journal, it comes from reading and studiously observing what you wrote” – Jim Rohn (paraphrased).

Today ( 1/22/12) I decided to look back through my journal. It’s funny how engaged I was with my own writing. I started picking up on patterns and phrases I frequently expressed in my writings. I started noticing the consistency in my thoughts. I noticed that a lot of the quotes and ideas i picked up from different books all linked together, with similar meanings. This led me to start understanding why I react the way I do in certain situations. It also allowed me to decipher what I needed to work on to improve the quality of my life.

I was gaining all this valuable knowledge just because I took the time to record my thoughts as participate in this journey I call life. Not only is this an extremely FUN and powerful exercise , but it has inspired me to carry around my journal everywhere I go. I am also inspired to review my journal once a week, once a month, and even at the end of each quarter.

I feel as long as your writing down EXACTLY what is occurring in your life on a day to day, moment-to-moment basis (without adding or subtracting any piece of information ) then there is no doubt in my mind that the power of this exercise will pay you back 1000x fold.

If i were you….

I would grab or even invest in a “blank”, sturdy notebook, that you are comfortable with, and start recording. Don’t worry about the outcomes or even stress out on what to write; opportunities present themselves by the second, just be prepared to catch them.

I look forward to learning from your journey…