Here she goes AGAIN! Brene Brown is back and speaking volumes in her 2nd Video on -The Power Of Vulnerability! If you missed the first one, I advice you scroll down my blog and watch it for yourself. (better yet, After reading this post, come back to this sentence and click this link: )  At some point, I would hope you would agree with me that, there has been times in your life where you’ve dealt with, at some level,  “shame” and “being Vulnerable”. I know that has certainly been the case for me, and I’m still dealing with it EVERY SINGLE DAY! It’s a never ending journey. What’s beautiful about this lady is, she asks you to use it as a tool for connection with yourself and others ~vs~ Trying to fix every situation , attempting to make everything “seem” perfect. It’s obvious that, collectively, as men and women, “shame” is felt in the same way. But… if you dig a little deeper, you’ll soon realize how men and women have been conditioned to conform to the expectations of their given gender! I can probably sit here and dissect this video into pieces, but the point is, in order for us to connect, which “connection” is the reason we are here in this world,  we have to accept being vulnerable – PERIOD!  I’ll give you a chance to do the work yourself. Go ahead and set a few minutes aside  for yourself, and indulge in this “thirst quenching” wisdom 🙂