If  you have no clue what the title of the post means, but curious to hear more – then i’ve clearly done my job 🙂

My goal over the next week, using 2 blog posts (including the one your reading now part #1)  is to share a story AND the thought process attached with the story, of what I personally feel I  courageously got myself into for this upcoming week .

Please Keep In Mind : This is definitely not a hyped up, Super Hero, “Big Business Deal” kind of Story!

This is a simple story about me taking advantage & action on an IDEA that turned into inspiration.

If you’re bored at this point , stop reading LOL… JK!

Fortunately, since this upcoming week hasn’t happend yet…..

Instead of being normal and starting off with the story first , I feel it might be more appropriate to start with the thought process I had prior to this post and then follow up with the story,cool?

I knew you would agree!

Anyway, if there is one obvious thing that stands out to you, about me, you would probably would guess it would be the fact that – I love learning about life, human nature , followed up with the obsession of improving myself daily. ( scroll through my blog and check out some of my content).

I feel like FEAR has kicked my ass growing up!!! With the help of a few mentors and one specific topic, my overall awareness of myself has increased a couple of notches in the positive direction.

“The Power Of Vulnerability” ; understanding that being vulnerable is not weakness nor is it easy to deal with.

Vulnerability is known, by worthy individuals, to be fundamental and necessary for living. With all that being said, I’ve been working hard to identify very specific events in my life that I encountered vulnerability. Situations like:

  • Taking inspired action without hesitation, doubt, worry.
  • Initiating conversations with people I’ve never met before
  • Taking on responsibility for projects i didn’t feel comfortable doing
  • Understanding that Neither I or anyone else is perfect and being able to apologize or forgive, first.
  • Smiling, making eye contact , etc….

(If I sat down and tried to list all of these events , I could publish a book!)

A wide variety of situations occur on a daily basis that bring me toe-to-toe with vulnerability.

I’ve had the privilege to be mentored by special individuals who openly live life embracing vulnerability to its fullest. They feel and know that they are worthy regardless of any outcomes.

This education and understanding of vulnerability has allowed me to zoom-out, away from the thought of “fear and shame”, which happens to be the fastest growing disease in our world today.

Yea I know — “blah blah blah Joe enough with the preaching , get to the point! What was the thought process you had???” 

Here it is… Right before I started writing this blog post, I took action on a very random “IDEA”  that has crossed my mind a bit. When this IDEA continued showing up with the same feeling of “yes” along with FEAR, I  excited, envisioning the entire outcome if i were to take action. But then ….

…The feelings of “fear and shame” started creeping in.

The old , conditioned way of thinking started  making its attempt to destroy my initial thoughts and feeling of excitement. Why was I experiencing the feeling of shame and fear?

Well, I understood that the very thing that excited me wasn’t something that the average person would do. I understood that I am different (weird if you prefer) and my actions – separate me from the “NORM”. I experienced thoughts of :

  • ” Ahh don’t do it Joe.. who does stuff like this?”
  • “What’s your purpose? Just wait for another chance -hopefully sooner than later”
  • ” What would people think of me doing this?”
  • ” Is it going to turn out how I imagined?”

It wasn’t until I snapped back and realized my reason “WHY” I had been so excited to take action in the first place.

My Thought process: When you have a “WHY” and a strong desire that feels good in your own heart…. Go for it, embracing vulnerability with no hesitation. Franklin Roosevelt said  “the only fear we have, is fear itself. ”  So go!!

That’s all nice and stuff Joe. So what is The story? What did you decide to take action on?

Well i’ll start off by saying this – I know there’s been a time in your life were you’ve had 1-2 people who you’ve never met, but always dreamed of meeting because you were greatly influenced by them…. (for me, examples would be the Will Smith’s , The Wayne Dyers, The Kobe Bryant’s.etc)

This is a simple story about a simple individual, myself, realizing an opportunity to meet, in person, a couple of individuals who I have SO MUCH respect for, whom I’ve never met in person, BUT… they have had a HUGE impact in my life.

There’s no personal agenda on my part, just gratitude & appreciation.

… Stay tuned for Part 2 🙂