Do you feel like your working a job that is holding you back from your desired purpose?  Maybe it’s not your current job that’s the problem; instead you realize you need more time to get things done? Maybe you’re working the job you want and you’re satisfied with the hours you spend working, but you almost get this unsettled, annoying feeling from never completing what you want to accomplish?

A bit frustrating when you think about it, ya?

With my experience, working full-time to manage a hair salon, building another business on the side, and studying key business principles so I’m equipped with the right knowledge, I understand exactly how it feels to desire more time for your goals.

It’s one of those feelings you wish you could eliminate forever.

-Business Leaders Share Their Attitude On Getting Things Done.-

Over the past few months I’ve been granted exclusive access to a very special, low profiled community of highly intelligent and passionate business leaders. We meet twice a month to discuss topics related to powerful business strategies and fundamental Principles of life.

During one of our discussions, I picked up on 2 key attitudes, which highly ambitious individuals must have in order to accomplish what they set out to do, comfortably:

Attitude #1 – You can’t rush the manifestation process – As long as you have a definite purpose and have a specific plan, you have to be willing step back and get used to things happening 2-3 times longer than you expect.

This doesn’t necessarily mean don’t pursue any deadlines you’ve created for yourself. It simply means be flexible and accept the time it actually takes for you to accomplish what you wanted.

Attitude #2 – Check in with yourself – We live in a busy world. You are constantly thinking of new ideas, having conversations with different people, working on various projects, and many times you lose touch with yourself, forgetting “WHY” your even doing what your doing.

Whenever you experience a situation where you feel some disconnection between you and a project you’re working on, or a disconnection between you and another person, try stepping back and asking yourself  “Am I acting from a place of lack and fear, or am I acting from a place of purpose and contribution.”

-Apply it to your life.-

Mastering these two attitudes will not only help improve the relationship with yourself, but you will see a dramatic difference in the relationships you have with the people around you.

Go ahead and sit down with yourself, at the conclusion of this post, and think about where you are now, and where you would like to be in the next couple of months.

Once you’ve become comfortable with your vision, set some, clear and specific goals for yourself, and tuck it away in a place that you never pay attention to (yes! Forget about it and live.)

Figure out what your “go to” reactions are in times of pressure and disconnect.

What are those habitual reactions you have in those times?

Now that you have become aware of your plans and “re-actions”, watch how smoothly life flows.