So I guess it’s true.

No dietary changes to lose weight, huh?

I’m still trying to figure out how this ‘mini’ article (written specifically for people looking to loose weight) is causing such a frenzy in my mind. Let me attempt to explain why.

United Kingdom Talks ‘Comfort Zone’. 

In this article, a couple of researches from the United kingdom, conducted a unique experiment on a new approach to “weight-loss”. These researchers invited a group of  ‘willing’ individuals – and I say ‘willing’ because there’s so much junk out there to trust anyone these days- who were looking for different ways to ‘slim-down’.  The study consisted of putting these participants through this “weight-loss program” that had been twisted in totally different way than your traditional “slim-course programs”.

All that was required from these participants was a commitment to going an entire month of “stepping out of their comfort zones”  -each day.

Yea… it sounds pretty stupid when you think about it because one could judge any act of trying to lose weight as uncomfortable, right?

Well not really.

Yes It’s A Different Approach.

What i’m speaking of here might not sound ‘different’, but it is. If you think about it, a person can still be VERY comfortable working out in the gym (you should witness some of the people I see at the gym sometimes). I’m also not talking about looking at food, and NOT eating it (even though that can be considered super uncomfortable too). What is meant when these researchers asked participants to “step out of their comfort zones” is, to identify and engage in activities that are frightening or extremely uncomfortable, depending on that specific individual.

It can be as tame as trying a new class at the gym or as wild as cliff jumping!

That’s it!

I’m Only Here To Point Out One Thing.

The study proved that each participant that did something different every day for a month lost, on average, a pound a week. Oh and I forgot to mention, that’s without making any kind of dietary changes. Bizarre, right?

Now, do I know the details in-between the entire experiment?  Not at all, wasn’t relevant.

Am I here to argue what diet works or doesn’t work. Nah, that’s not my specialty.

But I do want to share with you what I feel triggered me to bring this article up.

What caught my attention was when one of the scientist revealed this “1 discomforting truth”:

“breaking your routine targets habits, possibly the unhealthy ones that keep you overweight”

Not that I consider myself  in the position where I need/ want to loose weight, but I realize…

its really NOT about losing the weight at all.

The bigger picture boils down to this one issue –  “Unhealthy Habits” being allowed by each individual, themselves.

Seriously!  Think about it.

The way I see it is, I’m just your average guy, who is constantly fighting to create better habits for myself, and I know what kind of challenges I face when trying to break free from the habits that don’t serve me in a positive way – (saying it “hard as hell” is an understatement.)

However, If you’re a Napoleon Hill fan, defines the allowing of these habits – “Hypnotic Rhythm” – which is when you begin to accept destroying thoughts and habits, one day at a time, until you become sucked into this rhythm of living, without even realizing it, then years later, you finally wake up and ask “what happend to me…?”  Scary stuff,eh?

It Doesn’t Matter What You’re Going Through.

Whether you’re battling being “overweight”, or your battling the “coffee addiction”  , it all comes down to – becoming aware of what habits you’ve developed, that’s brining you the results you’re receiving, finding the habits that AREN”T serving you, and quickly snapping out of it like a stolen necklace .

It’s A Tough Thing To Think About, But Why Avoid It!

While I definitely don’t see myself ‘skydiving’ anytime soon (maybe one day, for sure), I’m  really considering engaging in any uncomfortable/frightening activities just to get out of my comfort zone, breaking free from any unhealthy habits I might have.

HELL… I’ve already started. I wouldn’t consider the creation of this blog post such a comforting task.

I challenge you to join me (and those other bold individuals), by engaging in activities that will force you out of your comfort zone, every day, for a month – breaking you free from those toxic habits that you’ve allowed to take over your actions.

P.S. — In order to get the most out of this “challenge”, I would highly recommend tracking your journey and sharing your results somewhere, with someone – Whether that means coming back to this page and sharing, posting on your Facebook page, posting on your own blog… I don’t care – just the idea of finding some place to share your results will help drive your experience 200x’s deeper.

Have Fun 🙂