bad reputation

Wait! Before you get all defensive….I REALLY hope it’s not you that’s causing all the disruption, but chances are…It is.

“Why do I say that?” ::

Well,  I’ll wait to answer that question, for now let me explain what triggered me to bring this topic up in the first place.  You’ll probably receive an answer to your question somewhere in my explanation.

“What really made me join Network Marketing?” ::

I often think about some of the main reasons why I decided to join Network Marketing – extra income, residual income, time freedom, fun lifestyle, etc. Many of those reasons are more than likely the same reasons a lot of people decide to join the parade. Before I could move forward with any business, regardless of how sweet it sounded, I knew that the overall business model HAD to make sense to me, in order for me to feel comfortable moving forward. And it did (still does for the most part).When I look at Network Marketing, as a whole, I see it as a mini franchise model except for the fact that the sign up costs are, by far, significantly more affordable than the traditional franchise model. Obviously, different companies compensate in their own unique ways (make sure you’ve done your research and understand whats going on), but from a logical stand point, the overall business model made a lot of sense for me at the time, giving me the green light to pursue with my business.
“So what is the problem with Network Marketing & MLM?” ::

It “should be” obvious by now that Its NOT the model, my friend. Im in no way saying everything is perfect with how each company decides to handle their culture and training methodology.  Of course,  you have your companies who focus more on the strict recruitment of people versus the actual selling of products, But then you still have your power companies who are selling millions and millions of dollars worth of products to people outside of their distributorship. I would argue that its more of a perception issue than an issue with the actual business model. Think about that statement.

Not everyone is cut out for business!

This might sound harsh.

This industry is extremely attractive, especially when you look at the potential earnings once an individual gets the ball rolling (if ever) and builds a solid organization,

…but, people who aren’t really prepared to be business owners are the ones finding Network Marketing attractive. People who see the benefits but aren’t really prepared to take on the inevitable challenges of doing business, are the ones who are finding it the most attracting.

“Why is that?”

I’ll tell you why I believe it is that way in a second, but for now just ask yourself this simple question:

If you didn’t know how to swim, and someone threw you in the middle of the ocean, what would end up happening to you?


You wouldn’t just drown first. If i’m thinking correctly, you’ll probably fight for your life, out of utter desperation BEFORE you run out of gas. Then… you’ll more than likely drown.

So, in that case, who are the helpless people your throwing in the ocean?

WHOOPS! I meant to ask, who are you attracting into this industry?

Here are 6 Characteristics that end up ruining the reputation of Network Marketing & MLM.

People who…

  • have not done well in their business or profession and have little money saved up to invest
  • have no previous experience owning or running a business
  • have no previous experience in sales
  • have little or no experience developing business relationships other than that of employer/employee/co-worker
  • are not satisfied with their current level of income
  • have unrealistic expectations of the amount of work involved compared to the revenue realized

Theres no doubt that if someone falls in one of the above categories,  they’d be operating from a place of lack & desperation; participating in over-selling the opportunity, inappropriately discussing business in social situations, coming across as desperate, over-focused on new recruits and neglecting existing customers as a result, being either inaccurate or deceptive when talking about business because there was no clue what to do in the first place. I happen to have been guilty of that when i first started out (unfortunately).

Now don’t get me wrong, these are some of the nicest people in the world, but nice wont grow a business alone. There are several skills required ( i’m not really speaking of making list of family and friends), there’s strategizing, there’s system building, testing metrics, testing messages, targeting audiences, training teams, etc…

Unless, there is a DEEP desire, packaged with strong leadership and support (very rare in this industry) people just default to operating the only way they know how, which ends up causing a lot of pain and suffering, and in return, gives network marketing a bad bad bad…bad rep.

You see how that can easily turn into disaster, right?

So whats the solution?

It would require months of explanation to break each of the processes down for you. However, if you’ve read up until this point A.) your automatically guilty for ruing this for all of us (just kidding)…, B.) i’m willing to share 1 tiny tip with you that’ll, at least,  get you thinking in a different direction. It might now be the answer but it’ll get you moving forward on a path that isn’t damaging, to say the least. But here is the deal – You have to take action on any information i share in order for the shift to occur. Deal?

Heres 1 key tip you can take to create a powerful reputation in the minds of the people you want to persuade.

Focus on POSITIONING yourself –  differently.

Positioning is a marketing concept that goes hand in hand with creating good reputation. The title “Positioning” is also the name of a book by Al Ries and Jack Trout, where you can reference all this information i’m sharing here with you (i’ll leave a link below for you to check it out). Your essentially focusing on how to create a new category in the mind of your audience, that you can be first in.

A True Leader!

When you are first in a category, you have tremendous leverage in trying to persuade other people.

“Its better to be first than it is to be better” – Al Ries & Jack Trout

Key point: Its better to be first into the mind of  your customer than it is to have a better product or opportunity. People will often choose the first thing that they remember, not the thing that is better. And people typically remember things that have been valuable to them, impacted there lives in some unique way. So No that does not mean every body will find your product valuable <<— read this over again ten times PLEASE!


Let me put things into perspective for you.

According to [] there is something like 5,000 direct sales companies and 50 million distributors around the world. Its obvious that trying to position yourself as a “network marketer” with an “amazing network marketing opportunity” is a dead end mission.

“Awe, then why in the hell am i doing this in the first place?”

Now..Now… hold up.

I’m not saying you are out of luck here, and you should stop.

The answer isn’t to stop. I’m saying that by you trying to focus yourself as a “network marketer” with an “amazing opportunity” is only going to cause a lot of grief down the road for yourself,  because peoples minds are hammered daily with the same damn, un-valuable pitch – daily.

Look at it this way – Its like you are about to start up a business, lets say a car rental business, and you going against the other car rental businesses (Hertz, Avis, Enterprise, etc.). If “Positioning” was a person, they would say – “no, i’m not going to compete, and attempt to bump Hertz or Avis out the way, so that I can become a leader in the car rental space”. Positioning would instead ask – “how can i identify a new category where there is an actual need, and position myself as the first person there?”

Focusing on positioning means that you eliminate the idea that you are a “network marketer” with an “amazing opportunity” – yes, you might have great products and a great compensation to back you up – but instead, you are more focused on creating a new category that your products/services can be better received and be valued because inside of your new category you have identified a group of people who see you as a leader.

Relationships and Dating as a practical example (it’ll all make sense, trust me).

I took this example from Eben Pagen; it should do the trick as far as give you a practical example.  By the way, Eben Pagan is one of the most savvy & successful Entrepreneurs alive because he has positioned himself as a leader in several new categories, and has built successful businesses in those areas.

In one of his podcasts, Eben shares how he was at a point in his life where he was looking to date more. He started reading books and doing research to learn how to successfully find a date. At the time, all the advice that was out there was on relationships – what to do if you’re in a relationship,  how to interact with a woman if you are in a relationship – there really wasn’t any mainstream information on how to get a date in the first place.

Getting a date is just a small fraction of  the much bigger equation of having a successful relationship, but it turns out that Eben found it to be a very important part to men, a part where there was a lot of frustration and issues surrounding the topic . He immediately saw the NEED in that category and decided to create information and training, establishing himself as a leader in that small fraction of relationships.

When you are the first one in the category,  people see you as the leader.

When you try to compete in a category where theres a lot of people its a loosing game.

So the answer to the question above – “what is the solution?” – it is to bring your own bucket and create a new category, so that you can be seen as a leader. Theres obviously a lot that comes with the process – targeting and narrowing a niche, figuring out a need and identifying their hot buttons , creating and naming a category, etc. – all things that I have free resources to direct you to when appropriate – but once you’ve figured it all out,  the need for you having to push network marketing or your great opportunity goes out the window because your now a leader in a new category that your products and services can still have an impact.

Don’t promote the company, the product, or the business opportunity itself!!  Find and promote the new category where you can lead to offer solutions with your products/services 😉

Thats it for now my friend. I hope you found this valuable.

If so id like you to do a few things….

1.) If your open to it (you better be), theres actually a book titled “Positioning” By Jack Trout & Al Ries,  that you can grab. It’ll help you along this new journey. I left the link here ( ) for you to find it easier.

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Much Love 😉 ,

Joe Atang