I hope the photo didn’t gross you out.

The good news is – I’m not speaking of any physical wounds…

…even though those damn paper cuts and hang nails seem to always bleed like crazy.

What i’m really referring to here is the damage of a very delicate mindset, one of short term thinking.

“Can’t I just do this one thing, and that be it?”

Sorry, but the answer will always be N.O. – NO!

People who sell ‘instant gratification’ are some of the rare few who happen to find entry under my skin.

The Truth: There isn’t any shortcuts! And those who don’t believe so will quickly realize it overtime.

Now, I personally feel its human to be tempted to find short cuts in life, especially if we haven’t identified the process we want to dedicate ourselves to (i’ll explain more in a bit), but the outcome isn’t worth it.

Plus…why would I want that in the first place? I mean, Life would be very boring if i didn’t have to work for anything! Trust me.

Let me explain.

SIDE NOTE: There are so many emotions building up in me as I have this conversation with you, one being that on some level I don’t want to take away the learning experience from anyone who still might be feeling there’s shortcuts in life, but because I am who I am, i’d rather share this and feel good that you now are aware of your options.

Options being – A.) Work for it, or B.) continuously search for shortcuts (goodluck).

Everything from video games to growing a business has a process.

There are tools and resources that can help one work smarter (and i’m ALL for it), but there will NEVER be a tool that will create an instant outcome worth being proud of (my strong opinion).

By the way, I just realized how bold of a statement that was, and i’m sticking with it!

This has been a topic on my mind for a long time. I remember when I was playing basketball competitively in school, i’d try and research all the different tools and videos with the intentions of seeing if I could find one thing that would make me a better player over night.

The results from those “instant tricks” were fun in the short term, and i maybe did a couple of things better, but after a week it was back to square 1 again.

At the end of the day, its all about consistently putting in the work aka practicing.

I actually like the word ‘practice’ over work because anyone can “work hard” at something, but when I think of the word ‘practice’ I think of the kung fu fighter who loves the process. Loves the practice and is just mastering every piece of his craft. I think of the piano player who loves the process and loves the sounds of the keys.

I know that I love people and think we are amazing; I love marketing and so for me its not necessarily about working harder in those areas anymore (it took me a while to realize this), its more about the sweet science of it all. Sharpening my skills because I love the process – period. I’ll naturally work hard, but i know it wont feel like it because i’ve made my commitment to the process.

So at the end of the day, I guess my message to you is this –  what craft are you working on?  What is that one thing in your life that you are really passionate about, and would really want to master beyond just being “good” at it? What would you commit your life to mastering?

Once you’ve identified that thing, go ahead and adopt the mindset that you’re in it for the long haul.

If your craft is to grow people, then figure out what it would take to grow people and master it and commit to it.

If your craft is to raise children, play video games, cut/color hair, ride bike, etc… then commit to that process.

They key is in finding that process you love, so that you can avoid shortcuts and the deep bleeds.