Truth be told…

The “I” in “Leadership” could stand for many things I.e. Inspiration; Integrity; Innovative; Icon; etc….

The list could go on!

Those who know me, would agree that one of my many (very special) quirks is that I like to make meaning out of the smallest things – It could be a single piece of gray hair pointing out the center of my forehead (I really have this going on by the way), and I’ll some how find a way to build deep meaning around it.

Anyway, I chose the word “infectious”….

“Infectious” because from an early age I’ve always been inspired by strong, genuine leadership, and fascinated by how much influence and impact leaders can have on their circles.

The individuals who have been great leaders in my life have always challenged me to continuously find the willingness to work on myself and become a better version of me – so I can positively serve the people in my own circle (I love y’all by the way).

This Past Week Was Extremely Special!

This past Monday I travelled to Minneapolis, MN to attend what turned out to be an EPIC 4-Day retreat/adventure/extravaganza put on by one of my favorite organizations on the planet – SSBC (Don’t miss the photos below)

I’m blessed to be apart of a bright group of individuals who truly care about their people, and the work we do!

It’s infectious to say the least.

One of the best things about retreat time is that I have the special honor and privilege of spending quality time with highly intelligent, highly passionate, and super loving humans in our industry.

As a business consultant, traveling four, sometimes five times a week to work with clients; I, along with many of my business partners, rarely get the opportunity to spend quality time with each other, let alone our own beds!

So this annual retreat really serves as a special moment for our group to come together for much celebration, education, crying, laughter, eating, inspiration, etc.

One beautiful thing about doing the work we do out in the world is that we do it because we’re individually (and collectively) passionate about growing people for a living.

Why The Retreat Inspired This Post?

Remember this…

Leaders create culture, cultures create movements, movements change the world!

For those who know me – my 2 favorite subjects are passion and caring, and that’s something that technology will never be able to replicate.

{Important Side Note} I absolutely have nothing against technology itself. I’m actually embracing it as much as I can. I just want to be the voice that continuously stresses that technology doesn’t make us, but rather exposes us!

During the last full day of retreat, our president gave a presentation that spoke to something I truly believe.

We’re living in some special and overwhelming times right now in our world.

There is a major shift happening in the way we are communicating. Technology is on the rise and its not looking back!

However, no matter how advanced technology becomes, people have hearts and values, and we will never ever loose that value in the world.

Heart and value will remain forever, and it’s always refreshing to. Be part of a culture that understands that.

“Leaders create culture, cultures create movements, movements change the world! “

I’ve been part of several cultures (family, friends, basketball teams, schools, jobs, working with salons, etc), and I believe values are at the heart of great leaders and great cultures – period.

You don’t have to be or have a special title to make a difference in our world today. You could simply start with your immediate circle.

Just start by caring!

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