Joe Atang

Marketing The World A Better Place

Who Is Joe Atang?

Ex-College athlete turned into “super savvy businessman” (honestly, I’m taking it a little too far). I’m really just a super passionate human being that cares a lot about life overall.

I’m constantly looking for new ways to appreciate every moment in my life, and i’ve realized that the more self-aware I become, the more I can stay true to who I am and my passions/values, etc…I ultimately set myself, and others in my life, up to win!!

Here’s whats at the core for me:

1.) I truly…truly believe human beings are amazing and have unlimited potential, especially once we’ve consciously decided to accept the responsibility for our own lives. This is huge for me!

2.) Once we figure out what we’re passionate about, and willing to dedicate our lives to it, then our advantage becomes living in a world that provides us with enormous opportunity to spend majority of our time doing that thing we love.

3.) I believe Marketing is super genius, and one of the best (if not the best) ways to create positive movements in our world today!

4.) Sushi is incredibly amazing and tasty!

Ive had desires of being different things in life, but i’ve finally reached a point where I know that my love for people, mixed with my deep passion and love for marketing is all i’m needing at this point to feel fulfilled.

Big Thanks to my dad (Fon Atang)!

My page will mainly consist of my “daily finds” and insights when it comes to business life and motivation, and the twist is that this information will be primarily from a marketing perspective.

Whats crazy is during my college years, when I had not 1 clue what i wanted to do (other than think and force myself to play basketball all day), my dad suggested that I look into marketing because of how versatile it was.

So I ended up studying marketing in college, not because I loved it, but because my good ole’ dad recommend it, and because I knew I wasn’t going to be limited to working in any particular field. I honestly could’ve cared less about a damn marketing degree.

It didn’t take me long to realize that i wasn’t being honest with myself and that deep down inside i knew that I wanted to be involved in the business game.

In 2010 I set out on a mission to really figure out what t would take to be successful in business.

Sidenote: in 2010 I failed miserably with a direct sales company , selling anti aging products. and after getting my ass kicked, i decided to go on a journey to find out what it would really take to get great.

I spent literally thousands of dollars on marketing education, desiring to discover what it truly means to be a value driven entrepreneur!

Throughout the process I acquired an incredible, almost priceless education and skillet with marketing. I worked with inspiring mentors (Kraig, Kris Ward – and all the people they introduced me to).

Biggest take away for me — This journey of entrepreneurship has been the greatest form of personal development for me.

I’ve not only learned what it truly means to be an entrepreneur, but I’ve learned more about who I am as a person and what my values are. What’s über ironic is that i’m now married to marketing!

On top of all that, the biggest lesson i’ve learned, by far, is that true leadership, true entrepreneurship are verbs not nouns; meaning I can only serve others through my example.

That being said, you should now have a pretty good idea of what the expectations are on this blog. I’m not here to share any get rich hoke or sell you on anything, i’m simply here to share my inspiration, hear your inspiration, and continue to work to be the best verison of my while i serve thge world in the best way that I can. why i’m here with my blog.




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